Thursday, October 3, 2013

Joyce's Day.........

.......started off simple enough.

Look at the lovely Farkleberry tree:

Then,  Zombies took over Harvey's Knob:

Then, we got word that a bird lay injured by the road down the parkway.  Matt, Joyce and Katie went to investigate.  They brought back the injured RedTailed Hawk who apparently had been hit by a car while interacting with a squirrel.  The hawk was not very responsive.  A call was made to Maureen Eiger, Avian Rehabber and the transfer was made:

This was the best he looked.

We await word of diagnosis and prognosis, but are not optimistic.  What a great lady!!

Returning to the Knob, we found further evidence of weirdity - some sort of pagan ritual:

Don't ask.  I have no idea.

Oh, yes.  We only had a handful of hawks.

Seems like only one person really stayed vigilant:

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